Friday, 21 October 2011

Messy-Inky Fun Tag Tutorial

Remember back here when I teased you with a tutorial for these sweet tags?


Well here it is!!!

Here's what we're making today:
Place cards!

What you're gonna need:
- 2-3 different colored ink pads
- Tim Holtz splat mat OR wax paper
- Glimmer mist
- edge distressing tool OR scissors
- ink blending tool (or smoosher as Amy and I might call it...)
- sticker letters and/or other embellishments
- manilla tag (whatever size you like)

Step 1:
Take your lighter colored ink and "stamp" it all over your wax paper

Step 2:
Take your darker ink and do the same thing (you can add as many or as few colors as you like, but start with light & work your way to dark)

Step 3:
Spray the whole mess of it with some glimmer mist until it "bubbles" a little

Step 4:
This is where it gets a little messy!  Take your tag and run it through your "mess" until it's all covered.  The ink should be uneven, and the glimmer mist should be a little "drippy" (are you noticing all the "technical" terms here?!)
TIP: See that really dark one in the back?  That's the first one I was too dark, so when I sprayed on the glimmer mist, I sprayed some water to the mix too!

The tags might curl a little, but they'll flatten out when they dry.

Step 5:
Take your distressing tool and rough up the edges a little.  If you don't have one of these doo dads, I cheat and use scissors, just hold them so they're open a smidge (think pacman) and run them along the edge of your tag

Step 6:
*Just before this next step was when we stamped our tags with the script stamp*

Take your ink blending tool & whatever color ink you like, and smoosh some color around the edge of the tag (it'll make the distressed edge show up a bit better)

Step 7:

I cut out names with my silhouette sd & adhesive vinyl.  It's great to be able to make your own "sticker letters" - you never run out of vowels!

I also added some "conversation questions" to the backs!


I wanted to cut some shapes out of grunge paper with my silhouette - but it didn't cut all the way through.  Instead, I trimmed around the edge with scissors.  I painted them green & added some glitter!

I took some of my plain white paper flowers and started by pressing them against an ink pad.  Then I dry brushed a little bit of acrylic paint onto the edges, and of course, followed with some glitter.  When they were all dry I found it useful to crunch these flowers up a bit to make them less flat!

And here's what you get!  (I added some jute to tie them to the napkins too)


Thanks for dropping by! I'll definitely be using these techniques again for another project!!

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