Sunday, 6 November 2011

iphone & blogging?

Alright.  I did it.  I finally bought myself a new cell phone, and and iphone 4S at that!  

Absolutely no buyer's remorse whatsoever!  I'm already a bit of an apple enthusiast (she said as she types this on her trusty macbook, while charging her nano...) 

Loving everything about it so far!  

BUT I thought because this is new territory for me I thought I'd check in with all of you.  Do you have an iphone? Smartphone?  

Do you use it in your crafty-life?  How?

I've only downloaded a few apps (Michaels and pinterest to list a couple)

Are there any apps you can't live without?  

Let me know! I'd love any advice!

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  1. Apps I love: Facebook (of course), Bang! (the spaghetti western card game we played that one time...makes a fun app!), Bejeweled 2, Uno, Oregon Trail, Cineplex, IMDb, AirMote (you can control the music and stuff on your MacBook with this remote!), PS Express (Photoshop Express), Shazam (can "listen" to music that is playing in public and tell you what the song is), Ringtones (you can make your own ringtones out of songs), Convert Units (great for converting baking units), Air Miles, banking apps (I use's actually easier than baking on the web!), MySask411, Kijiji, Home Depot (you can scan bar codes and see how much of something they have in stock), Tim Hortons, UrbanSpoon, AllRecipies, MyFitnessPal, Hipstamatic & Instagram (camera apps), DerManDar (takes 360 photos), Groupon, i-nigma (QR code scanner), TuneIn Radio (can listen to pretty much any radio station anywhere in the world).

    That's my long list of apps I love :)


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