Thursday, 17 November 2011

Knocking things off the Pinterest List!

If you've ever checked out my pin boards, you'll notice that I have one called "Things to make someday."  Pretty self explanatory.

I'm still trying to bust some stash, and with the coming of winter, I'm compelled to play with yarn and crochet.  So with some of the yarn I had left over from making my sister this hat and scarf for Christmas a couple years ago (for pattern & yarn details, click on the link to go to that post!)

And also leftovers from this project from my Craftster days before I had a blog!!

My inspiration were these GORGEOUS hot mats from OneFlewOver's Ravelry project

The colors are great, and even better together! 

The pattern comes from Free Craft Unlimited and can be found here. 

Ready to see mine??


I think I might add little loops on them for hanging...

Unfortunately I made them out of acrylic yarn, so I won't be putting anything too hot on them (ie. Melting = bad)  but they should do.  



The hardest part is folding all the "petals" over.  


I did it wrong the first time, took it apart, and decided to pin it for the second try, which worked well!


I'll definitely be buying some cotton yarn to make more of these - they're really easy and look great!  Maybe once I get rid of most of the yarn I have now (mostly acrylic!)

Thanks for checking it out! If you're interested in more of the things I plan to eventually make, check out my pin board.  

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