Saturday, 10 December 2011

Christmas Cards - Part 2

Our card saga continues....
If you missed it, here's part 1

We really loved the colors of this next one:
Top: Amy, Bottom: Jill

We went with a very similar idea.  To make the embossed paper pop a little more we inked it a little with white chalk ink - it was the perfect touch!  I added sticker letters and Amy stamped hers!

Here's an example of how we ended up with VERY different cards when starting with the same items.
Left: Jill, Right: Amy

I used the back side of the paper, and Amy used the front.  I then cut an oval the same size as the inside of the frame and placed it overtop to shield the inside from the glimmer mist (Coffee Shop) that I sprayed over top of the curly bits.  Lastly I added the nameplate thingy that I think I picked up at the dollar store.

Amy stamped her, added brads, and a sticker to her card.

**We interrupt our regularly scheduled card making for some silliness**



**back to the cards**

I really liked this one, and they ended up pretty similar.
Left: Jill, Right:Amy

These were cards that we made out of stuff that was kinda leftover.
Left: Amy, Right: Jill

Thanks for checking out part 2.  There's one more part in this card making series, so stay tuned!

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  1. I LOVE teal and red together on the first card! So awesome sauce!!!!


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