Friday, 13 January 2012

Irritating Initial

About a year and a half ago at a crop that I went to, I got this in my goodie bag:


Super sweet right?

Well the problem is that almost 2 years later I still don't know what I want to do with it.  And I don't know where I'll put it, so that doesn't help either. 

What do I do? Head to pinterest!   

I really like this photo collage, found here and pinned here

How great is this paper covered T??  You could probably also do fabric....

Covering it in beads and buttons might be fun


Twine (LOVE)

Shells? (not my favorite, but still in the running)

What are your thoughts? Have you done any of these? I love to see them!  

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  1. I like the twine! Plus if you put the rosettes on a clip, or made them removable you could change up the appliqué with the season? Holly berries for Christmas, leaves for fall, etc etc

  2. I made a twine wrapped letter for my daughter a few weeks ago check it out at It was supper easy and it came out great.

  3. My favorite is the collage!


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