Sunday, 15 January 2012

More funny vinyl "families"

This one was a present for my boss's 30th birthday.  He's the one who I made this for (for his girlfriend for Christmas)


The tall guy on the left is meant to be my boss, I'm the girl, and the guy next to me is a co-worker who works closely with us, but is technically supervised by someone else.  

Now before you go thinking my boss is a big jerk, let me explain.  I'm an electrical engineer, and so a large part of my job is creating drawings for my designs in AutoCad (I'm sounding really cool now, huh?)  As part of the drawing control procedure, someone else has to officially check the drawing (my boss).  Last summer, my boss was out of the office, and I was going through my drawings that he'd checked and on one of them I missed something really obvious and written on the page in big red letters was "DO BETTER!"  I BURST OUT LAUGHING.  I also realized that that's kinda my boss's catch phrase.  So "Do better" has kinda become a joke around the office.  

One of the best things about this - it cost me nothing.

I figure this probably isn't going to be the last twisted vinyl family I make.  And yes, I would take orders.  

   Keeping It Simple

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