Tuesday, 10 January 2012

New to us furniture

With the bad, there usually comes a small glimmer of good.  In this instance I'm referring to the passing of my boyfriend Adam's great aunt and our acquisition of some of her furniture as the good.

Adam's house was built in 1930, and has a lot of charm and character.  No, I don't mean it's old and run down.  I mean that it has sweet glass door knobs and big old-style furnace grates, etc.  

Anyway, we've been trying to keep with that style for a lot of the furniture, and so receiving this furniture from Adam's aunt was fantastic.

The first piece was a much needed dresser.  It even came with a matching mirror!

And something else cool? This stamped on the back of the mirror (you know you're a crazy blogger when you tell your boyfriend to hold the mirror up when you're in the middle of figuring out how to hang it because you saw a cool marking on the back that you have to take a picture of RIGHT NOW!!)

Here's the before of this corner:
From this post when we painted the room

The second piece I'm even MORE excited about - but I think that's because of Adam's suggested use for it.  Check out this small cabinet for the dining room:

Adam and I have been talking about me moving in soon, and well...he said that we could use this cabinet for my craft stuff! YAY!!!  Although I don't think he realizes that that alone won't be big enough! LOL

Isn't it precious?!

Things I really love about this furniture:
1.  It was free - can't go wrong there
2. It was from Adam's great aunt - his family is small and close knit, so stuff like this really does mean a lot
3. It fits with the style of the house
4. It's real wood (not crappy particle board full of harmful off-gassing components)

Yup.  I really love it.  Can't wait to move in ;) 

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  1. I can see your head getting filled with ideas about how to transform Adams home! I would have used the cabinet for a bar (with its location) but you will need somewhere for your craft stuff..... Computer room?


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