Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Pinterest Project #1 - Creative Wrapping

I have a whole pin board just on gift wrapping! This year I started to make some of my gifts really pretty and was stashbusting at the same time, but then ran out of time at the very end, so I did use a little bit of "real" wrapping paper.

This one combines 2 ideas:

I wrapped it in old patterns...I may or may not have a giant box of them that I'll never use... (3 of those boxes have fabric, and the one my left hand is on is FULL of patterns!)

And then I stamped the clothes pin with my sister's name!


This one is just a Lush shopping bag turned inside out, stamped, and tied with a reused ribbon!

Thanks for taking a look.  I really liked using things that were going to be thrown out anyway as wrapping!

For more cool wrapping ideas, check out my pin board!

The Pinterest Challenge


  1. Some day I would like to use recycled wrapping for all of my Christmas presents. First I must get through my giant stash of regular wrap. Your presents look so cute. I love the stamped clothes pins!

  2. I really like the idea of stamping a close pin and using it on a gift. And, I cannot believe you have that many patterns!

  3. LOVE those clothespins. They're adorable.


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