Friday, 6 January 2012

Silhouette Vinyl Family

This was a special project I was commissioned to make by my boss for his girlfriend for Christmas.

(in the end it was in a black frame, but I liked the red better, and it's my blog, so that's what I'm posting!)

Most of us at work think these families on cars are pretty ridiculous, so the original idea was just the thought bubble on the right.  But then my boss decided that if he went with that, he might be single.  :P  So then the idea was to do all 3 scenarios, but we ran into "logistical" problems when trying to figure out how to frame it.  I did have some 12x12 scrapbook frames kicking around, so I suggested the thought bubbles, which he really liked, and voila!  

His girlfriend loved it...word has it she cried! 


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