Monday, 21 May 2012

2 Tiered Cake with Fondant

Now that I've tackled stacking cakes, I need to practice like crazy with fondant.  Luckily my uncle's 60 birthday was this year!

I originally though I'd just try my hand at making fondant (tried it once before here) because I didn't have much time (ie to order the good stuff online) and I figured why not..



I don't know what went wrong this time, but no matter how much I kneaded it it would NOT come together!  I ended up throwing it out and going to Michael's and buying a box of the Wilton stuff.  I've heard a few bad reviews about it, but I was kinda in a pinch.  lol

All in all it didn't turn out too bad!


Luckily the stripes help hide the rips on the top layer...

For the bottom I took some cookie cutters to make shapes and "glued" them on with some icing.  

My family was pretty impressed, and I figured it wasn't too bad.  Need a LOT more practice before the wedding though!


  1. In spite of all the parts that you commented on that need improvement, the finished product looks very nice and I am sure Ken was so happy that you had taken the time to make such a colorful, fun cake. I am very harsh when I judge what I am trying to do and must remember that improving skills is a journey. You know where you want to be but for most of us, we can see how far you have come...I'd be happy to have a slice. Can't wait to see the wedding cake, I bet it will be lovely.

  2. I gave up on making fondant too. Makes such a mess and it doesnt seem to harden enough for decorations. Great job on the cake!

  3. Well done and Happy belated birthday to your Uncle too. Hugs


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