Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Bridal Shower

A little bit of catch up here -  back in May my sister was home for a visit, so we (me, my sister's SIL, and a little bit of Amy...of course!) used this weekend to throw her a bridal shower!

I made invitations - choosing a bit of a bird theme, with the colors of blue, yellow, and cream.  Inspired by this pinspiration:

Source: Uploaded by user via Amy on Pinterest

Using my handy-dandy Silhouette (the SD, I'm not fancy enough for the Cameo...yet) I cut out some birds, added a stamped saying, and ta-da, cute invites!
bird invitation 2

Decorations followed in those colors too:
paper fan sign

Adorable paper fan sign, again, pinspired....

Source: via Jill on Pinterest

And we(Amy) hung some puffs above the table
tissue paper pom poms

My sister's SIL made sooo much excellent food!!
lemon tarts

whoopie pies


In addition to the sweets she made "veggie pizza" pinwheel sandwiches, a veggie tray, and above you can see the drool-worthy macaroons, whoppie pies, and lemon tarts!

We each looked after one game.  She did toilet paper dresses.  An oldie-but goodie!

Toilet paper dresses

I organized the Bubble Gum game.  Basically you pre-interview the groom, and then at the shower the bride has to answer the same questions. For everyone she gets wrong, she had to pop another piece of gum in her mouth!

To make it more interesting, I got the groom to video record his answers!

Bubble gum game
(she had to chew his favorite type of gum!)

Leslie Ballet
This is my sister imitating how her future husband would teach one of her ballet classes (she's a dance teacher!)

Lastly, we had gifts!!  People did a great job getting her cool stuff - and it had to be small enough for her to fly home with!

chalkboard sign

Look familiar?  That's the Keep Calm sign I made her!

Everyone had a lot of fun!

Leslie & gramma
Leslie & our grandma!

Jill & Amy
Me & Amy! 

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  1. I dream about those whoopie pies!
    PS I really only take the best looking photos don't I?


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