Sunday, 2 September 2012

Chalkboard clips

I have been on a bit of a chalkboard paint kick for a while now.  I even have a whole chalkboard pin board.  I wanted to try to bust some stash while I was at it, so I came up with clothes pin chalkboard tags.

I started by painting some clothes pins I had lying around from this photo board project:

painted clothes pins 

I then cut pieces of ~2"x3" balsa wood that I had leftover from my zen garden project and sprayed them with chalkboard paint. 

I was debating whether I wanted to make them into picks like this, which was my original idea,

But then I also saw that someone had put them on clothes pins.  I liked the clothes pin idea better because I thought I might be able to find more uses for them.

One of my favorite ideas was to use them as lunch clips
lunch bag clip

This would be perfect if you have a few people in the family brown-baggin' it!

Currently I'm using them to label my craft storage shelves
chalkboard clips

chalkboard clip2

chalkboard clip

This was a great stashbusting project that cost me NOTHING and it turned out really cute!

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  1. Wow! This is so awesome! I really admire you creativity. Thanks for sharing!


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