Sunday, 9 September 2012

Taking off a toilet tank!

Nothing is worse than moving into a house and finding out that the previous owner cut corners with everything - including painting AROUND the toilet tank.  It's really not that difficult, and I'm going to walk to you through it!

1) Gather your supplies:


All you should need is a wrench, flat head screw driver, a bucket (like an ice cream pail), and some rags.

2) Very important - shut off the water valve.  It's that little screwy thing at the bottom of the water hose.

toilet shut off

3) Flush the toilet.  The water should empty from the tank, and there will still be water left in the bowl.

toilet tank

4) Now using your bucket and perhaps something like a sham-wow, get as much of the residual water out of the tank.  Anything that's left will end up on your floor, so make sure you do spend some time on this step!

5) Once that's done, grab your tools.  You're going to use the wrench to grab and hold the nut on the bottom of the tank.  You might need someone to help you out.

nut & bolt underneath

6) Using your screwdriver, unscrew the bolt from the inside of the tank.

Bolt in tank

Yours might have some corrosion on it like mine.  Once you chip away with the screwdriver, it won't be too hard to get out.  If your screw looks very stripped and corroded, you might want to buy replacements for when you put the tank back on.

bolt inside tank

7) Do both sides.  Make note of where the washers and pieces all fit for when you have to put it back!

8)  Last thing before taking the tank off, disconnect the water hose.  It will just hand-screw off.

9) Lift off the tank, and place out of the way.

Toilet tank removed

10) TA-DA! Now you can paint behind the toilet.

Toilet tank removed 2

When you're ready to put it back on, just do everything in reverse, and double check for leaks!

I'm not that handy of a person and I could do this.  My lovely sweet boyfriend showed me how to do this when I did this bathroom, and then I did the one pictured above by myself, and talked my sister through doing hers on her own too.  It really is that easy - there should be no excuse for not painting behind your toilet!  


  1. I wish I had this tutorial when we bought our first house, but then again, we didn't even have Internet then. I remember trying to paint around the back of our toilet, and doing the best I could since I didn't think I could remove it. I'm impressed by your plumbing skills!

    Bonny @

  2. We need to replace the tank on our toilet... I think you have convinced me that I can do it without a plumber!


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