Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Wedding Card Box

More craftiness for my sister's wedding! Yay!

I had offered to make her a box for her wedding cards.  We'd originally been inspired by some vintage suit cases and that type of thing, but we weren't interested in spending a lot of money.

Card box

At my dad's condo, I found this empty tea box.

Card box-before

Card box before
That looked perfect!

I ripped the foam-backed velvet out of the top, and there was a velvety tray in the bottom that had to come out too.

I took the hardware off and took the box apart, gave it a light sand, and then painted it with cream acrylic that I had on hand (spray paint would have been much easier, but being enviro-crafty -and cheap- I used what I already had)

Painted box

Wedding Card Box Inside

The inside of the bottom was just some (Tim Holtz?) kraft scrapbooking paper. 

I then painted some Tim Holtz grunge board triangles for the bunting, and also cut out the word CARDS.  For the letters, I painted them pinky-coral, and then added a layer of Diamond Glaze (similar to mod podge dimensional magic) and let them dry. 

Diamond glaze letter

 Putting the whole thing together you get a cute little bunting!

On the inside of the lid, I mod podged sheet music that I have had floating around since I bought it at a garage sale.    *the first attempt was upside down*
Wedding card box

On top I used a photograph from their engagement shoot, by her fantastical photographer Randal, of Randal Kurt Photography and added some scrapbook flowers to go around it!


Leslie really liked it and actually said, it's so nice that I think I might just leave the cards in there after the wedding! Awwwww! 

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  1. That turned out fantastic! I still have my card box (basically a hat box) that I kept all our wedding & shower cards in, plus every year I throw in the anniversary cards that we get from our families. I'm not sure I'll ever go through them again, but I just can't bring myself to throw them all out!

  2. Oh! This is so beautiful! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my basket. I love the box you made for your sister!


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