Monday, 31 December 2012

Last Day of 2012

Right now I see a lot of Top Posts of 2012, or New Years Resolutions posts.  I don't really intend to do either.  

Last year I made a "poster" of a bunch of goal words I wanted to achieve and set it as my desktop background.  Unfortunately I think I was a bit over ambitious, and there was just too much to do.  


This year I'm keeping it a bit simpler.  I have 2 things I want to focus on, and I think through those two things, the rest will come.  

1) Go to more yoga classes.  This is something purely for myself, and I always leave feeling fantastic.  Giving myself this time seems to help put everything else in persecutive!

2) Read more.  I'm a bit embarrassed to say that over the last couple years I really haven't read that many books.  I find that my attention span for reading blogs or anything else for that matter has gone down the drain and I think it's because I just don't do enough reading.

So that's it.  Two simple things.  

And now for some fun, Friend Makin' Mondays over at All the Weigh - I read Kenlie's blog daily, but can honestly say this is something I've never participated in.  

1. Share one thing that you plan to do for yourself in 2013.  As stated above, I intend to go to more yoga classes.  I'm a fitness instructor, and the gym I work at has a million classes a week between 3 locations (2 of which are convenient) so there really is no excuse! 
2. Share a good habit that you will continue doing into the new year.  I started eating gluten free this fall and love it.  I fell out of it over Christmas time, but intend to go back to it after Christmas.  I just like the way I feel when I cut out the carbs!  I intend to try to share more recipes on my blog too! 
3. Do you make new year’s make resolutions? If so, do you typically stick to them? Yes and no.  I don't like the idea of "resolutions" because no one sticks to them.  The word has come to mean "goals we know we're going to break" where as I prefer goals or intentions.  
4. Do you have any health goals for the new year?  I want to continue to eat gluten free, drink more water, and go to more fitness classes (yoga & others)
5. Share one thing that you plan to do in January.  In January I plan to go to some Zumbathons put on by friends of mine to network more with my fellow instructors.  
6. Do you have any travel plans for the coming year? If so, where are you most excited to go? My boyfriend have pretty big plans for the next 12 months!  We meant to go to Vegas in the fall, but somebody *cough, cough* didn't have his passport.  So we intend to go early this year.  He also has a work conference in Orlando, which i think I will join him there after for a tiny vacation (DISNEY!!!!!) and then in January 2014 he has a cousin getting married in Jamaica!  
7. What are your plans for New Year’s Eve? I'll be spending it with my favorite people, at Amy's house eating yummy things and playing games.  
8. What are your resolutions for 2013? More yoga, more reading!
9. What are you looking forward to most over the next 12 months? I'm really looking forward to finishing up with my dad's estate.  He passed away  in November 2011, and it's been a pretty long road to getting all this done.  (Side note to everyone out there - please get a proper will done, I can't stress this enough!)
10. Share something unique that you hope to do in 2013.  I hope to branch out and start running some of my own fitness classes and expand my business this way, starting with running some bootcamp classes in the park by my house with a friend over the summer.  This is super scary but it'll be a big step for me! 

Lastly, what are my plans for my blog in the new year?  Well, I'm going for simplicity in all aspects of my life, and that might mean that this blog gets a little neglected.  I have a great series of home staging from when I sold my dad's condo that'll be coming up in the new year, AND since I moved in with my boyfriend, I plan to share some of the home renovations he/we have done here.  I intend to share GF recipes as much as I can, AND it's a year of 'crafting with what I have' (I'm doing a bit of a personal stash-bust) so there'll be some of those crafts too, really getting back to the "envirocrafty" spirit! :)  I hope you'll stick around! 

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  1. I need to try some Zumba - that looks like so much fun! Good luck on getting everything settled & smoothed out!

    Stopping in from FMM - Happy New Year!


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