Sunday, 6 January 2013

Hotel Spa Night

Every now and again I have to travel for work and sometimes I end up in a city where I don't know anyone, and there's nothing good to do by yourself.  Or sometimes you just need to enjoy the time to yourself.

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That's when I started having spa nights.  You can usually find a grocery store or drug store close by to get everything you need.

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What you need varies depending on what you want to do.

This time I decided on:
Balea unscented wipes (for make up removal)
St. Ives Apricot Scrub (for scrubbing)
Balea face mask (for masking)
Alberto V05 hot protein treatment (for my hair)

As a bonus, add some chocolate and maybe a glass of wine (I had some tea)

If you plan ahead you can definitely make some of these items, or bring things you have from home.  I usually decide on the impromptu spa night, so I just take a quick trip to the store!

My bathroom had a really great set up for this, the shower & toilet were separate from the sink.
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Firstly, remove your makeup.  You can do this however you like - I bought wipes for it.

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Now prep your hot towel.  I used my ice bucket and filled it with hot water & put my folded towel into it.

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Now that your towel is sitting in the hot water, put your face mask on according to the directions on the package.

When it's time to take it off, use a warm face cloth to do so.  (sorry folks, no sweet pictures of me with no makeup and a face mask on!)

Now wring out your hot towel and place it on your face so that only your nose is out and the middle of the towel wraps around your chin.  This is good to do when you're lying down on your giant king bed with more pillows that you know what to do with! 

When the towel is no longer warm take it off and proceed with your treatments. 

Next I used my hair mask.  Any kind of hair mask or hot oil treatment would work here.  

And for a little extra decadence, you can run the shower as hot as possible, and sit in the nice steamy bathroom while you wait (I know, not exactly envirocrafty, but every now and again you just have to spoil yourself)  The bonus to doing this at a hotel is that it's not your water/heat bill, and I wouldn't want to purposely get my own bathroom that steamy!

Follow the directions on your hair mask for how long you should leave it on.  In the shower I finished off with using the scrub on my face and my body. 

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To finish up, spritz face with toner & smooth on moisturizer.  My favorites are from Lush!!

Thanks for stopping by, now go ahead and have your own spa night next time you're staying by yourself! 

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