Sunday, 13 January 2013

Staging a Condo Part 1 - Kitchen

Alright, over the next few days I'll be taking you through what I did to stage my (late) father's condo to help it sell as quick as possible!  It was kinda a fun process because it was like decorating a house (on a tight budget) that no one would be messing up! I bet there are a lot of jealous craft/decorator moms out there :P

This whole series will be a few posts long as to not overwhelm you a with a dump load of photos!

We're going to start with the kitchen.


The most important thing here is to DE-CLUTTER your countertops.  This is easier for some people to do than for others.  As you can see, that's all I've really done here.  Some people might argue that you should clear EVERYTHING off, but generally I disagree - here I've left out some canisters, coffee maker, paper towel holder and the toaster.  When people are looking to buy a home they need to see how and why the home you're trying to sell fits their needs.  I felt that because these appliances added a pop of color to an otherwise white kitchen, they should stay.  I did however give them a really good wipe down so that they were clean and shiny!  Make sure you clear off your fridge too and give that a good wipe down, especially the handle!

While you're staging, this is a great time to go through and get rid of things you don't need - you will eventually be moving, so it would be a good exercise to start downsizing now!

If you are listing and selling your home yourself (ie NOT using an agent) be sure to take good photos.  People want to see the space so you need to give them the best impression so that they want to come look at it. For example, the top photo is a little bit dark because it was taken late at night.  If I were listing it myself, I would have waited until a better time (like in the after photo) because it makes a better impression. I used an agent because there are a TON of advantages to it (especially because I'm extremely new to this process I needed all the help I could get).


On the reverse of the kitchen counter wall is the "dining area."  I would have really liked to replace the kitchen table and chairs because they're quite out of place in a modern styled loft, but it just wasn't in the budget.  Actually what I really wanted to do was refinish the table with that black-brown color to match the china cabinet and replace the chairs with something like this:
But anyway, setting up a cute tablescape was the best I could do here.

2CA80620-0714-4DF7-91BB-969C047A2718-3891-00000404BDE2283F, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

The goal was to make the table look as full as possible (hence 6 place settings and only 4 chairs! :P)  I set napkins in the middle because I didn't have a runner, and in the vase are some fake flowers that I picked up on sale from Michaels.

45460D5C-46C8-4104-835C-492C6DB15079-3891-00000404D0884B26, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Another shot here will the wall art I had made (check out the tutorial for it here).

So if you glance back at the before and after, again you will notice the difference lighting makes when you take your photos.  The wall art is a new addition, looks a lot more concise and "planned" than the old Coke poster and vintage calendar that were hanging there before.  I also moved the china cabinet more into this dining area (if you look closely at the electrical outlet you can see how it's moved).  It felt like it was floating into the living room a bit, and it was out of place.

So there you have it for your kitchen & dining room!  Remember to create good lighting and reduce clutter!  

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  1. Loved seeing the staging process; We are getting ready to sell our home soon, so I like to see how people stage.


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