Saturday, 23 February 2013

Blogging Realization

If anyone's been paying attention, you might have noticed that things have been pretty thin around here as far as new content goes.  I have no intention of making this a big post apologizing and making excuses and finishing with a promise to blog more.

I started thinking the other day as to WHY I don't blog as much anymore.  I'm not pregnant, I'm not writing a book, and I haven't left the country.  I did however have a light bulb moment.

(I love Despicable Me!)

I realized that I HATE trying to watermark all my photos with  my blog URL.  I use photobucket, and it's just one more step between my project and hitting publish.

I started watermarking my photos because almost all the blog advise you read says you should.  So I did.  And then the reason I kept doing it was not so much so that others couldn't steal my photos, it was more for the sake of pinterest and when things got pinned, the pinner could follow it back and associate that pin with my blog.

But it just became too much.  So here I am, coming to the decision that I will not be watermarking my photos anymore so that I can continue to blog and share my content with the world.

As I sit at a Starbucks writing this, I'm very excited to start blogging again and sharing with the world.

Here's to more bloggy fun!!

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  1. Tell me about it! I absolutely HATE editing and watermarking my photos. It takes such a large amount of time and definitely keeps me from publishing more. Looking forward to more posts. xoxox


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