Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Cheese Platter Goodness

This year for new years was probably one of the best in recent history, and we kept it pretty low key, just me (& Adam), Amy & her hubby Landon, and my sister Leslie & her hubby Tyler.  We had delicious food and drinks and played Cards Against Humanity until 3am!?!?!?

I did want to share the cheese platter I made with you though.  I based it off of this Martha Stewart advice that I pinned:

 photo 10E6FDDE-0901-40AD-9D4B-B1CF8CD36D95-9572-00000535652430CD_zps799122ee.jpg

So as a serving tray I actually used the brand new pizza stone that we got from Adam's parents for Christmas!

On here we have (starting at the top, and working clockwise) prosciutto, Boursin (delicious & creamy...if you've never had it, I recommend - just do not look at the nutritional information if you'd like to enjoy it!), small bowl of mixed nuts, sundried tomato & herb havarti, chorizo salami, and gouda (possibly smoked gouda, I can't remember) and in the middle a small bowl of olives.

 photo 07D27D83-45FF-4DBB-9142-72F24C4FEB53-9572-0000053560707074_zpsf2a5d419.jpg

Adam and I were a little ambitious in our shopping and had also gotten some maple candied salmon and baguette which you can see on a plate just behind the meat and cheese platter.

 photo 743D930A-AE5D-4F92-A629-6C56E1FB4A1E-9572-000005356935E935_zps4d961976.jpg

I was also in a pretty tray-ish mood and made a fruit platter, I think I made the dip from a pin... but I can't seem to find it :(

Thanks for checking out our good eats! 


  1. I think it was smoked gouda! And the chorizo salami was unreal! So good!

  2. Also I just re-read my post and I really like the Cards Against Humanity pic I posted. They are SOOOOOOO funny, especially the one on the left and the 2 on the right!


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