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Staging a Condo Part 4 - Office

If you missed anything so far please be sure to catch up!
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The back of the loft was a hard space to deal with because it had always served as a bit of a storage room so to make it look like a useful, purposeful space was tricky.


Continuing the thread here, TIDY UP!!

I staged this area with a few antique and vintagey items that were laying around such as the typewriter, adding machine, and fan.  This is a good general reminder - if you have cool things - put them on display! 

As you can see, there was a coffee table here that got moved into the living room.  The other thing I did was add some lighting to this room.  The two lamps I put in here are plugged into the outlet that is controlled by the light switch - again, this makes a better impression for someone viewing the condo it takes some of the hassle out of adding lights.

This space is "walled off" by a couple of bookshelves.

EA5E6ADF-C592-489A-8866-76A4DE22B43B-5891-0000052E098CE46D, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Again make sure what you put on the bookshelves fits the vibe you're trying to create.

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The IKEA PAX wardrobe helps define the space here too.  I hung the framed posters up on the wall because this was again a big plain, empty wall.  These were already in the condo, framed and everything BUT never hung up!! AHHHH!!

On the other side of the wardrobe is the entrance.
387FDBE4-6D0A-4FB7-B863-702714818055-5891-0000052E0DB68DB3, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

I picked up a full length mirror for less than $10 and hung it lengthwise on the wall to help make it fee like more of an entrance AND had the added bonus of reflecting more light.  The runner at the front door is actually 2 runners that I moved out of the bedroom.  Unfortunately the front door doesn't have much clearance so I couldn't pull them closer to the door.  Again, it's all about first impressions, when trying to enter and the door gets stuck on the rug, it already feels like a house you wouldn't want to buy!

I don't really have any "new" tips for staging an office area or entrance, but as always - neat and tidy is key.  Add lamps on switches and timers when you can, and mirrors can also help brighten spaces too.

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