Sunday, 24 February 2013

Staging a Condo Part 5 - Bedroom

We're almost done with all this condo jazz...

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The first thing you'll notice is that this room is painted a very unique color.  Definitely not for everyone.  If I had had the budget to, I would have painted it a more crowd pleasing neutral color.  But it does amuse me that this paint is called "pirate yellow"!


The bedroom was one area that needed to be cleaned up a lot, as you can see by the top right picture!  Notice the runners beside the bed that make it look really busy? Those were moved into the entrance way!


Before there really wasn't much storage for clothing.  Just a dresser, and rolling clothes racks (not appealing!)  So I move that mirrored wardrobe that used to live in the front entrance upstairs.  I chose the mirrored one because - it helps reflect more light AND all the bedroom furniture is blackish brown...that piece is light birch.  The mirrors help it blend in.

Moving the wardrobe up here helps take away the objection that someone might have to moving into a loft style condo that has no closets built in.  In a way that's really what you're trying to do when you stage a home.  You want to remove any objections someone might have to buying it.

I also moved the bed away from the short wall.  When you walked into the bedroom, this was the first thing you saw, and it's not very private.  I had moved it opposite the mirrored wardrobe, but then my realtor and I moved it again to the wall that it's finally on.  Here again, I put the lamps on the outlet that's controlled by the light switch because there is very little lighting in this room.

2FE39553-EB0B-4A58-8209-D6E14D99BC36-3891-0000041491586F21, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Tips for making the bed look it's best:

  • I created an exaggerated headboard using privacy screens that are actually broken.  They're just tucked up against the actual headboard. 
  • I tucked the comforter into the base of the bed.  This gives it a really nice tight fit and looks really clean!
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