Thursday, 21 March 2013

ReStore Fun

The other day I went to our local ReStore because I was actually looking for a light fixture for the hallway, but had fun just wandering around.

If you've never been to a Habitat for Humanity ReStore I highly recommend it.  It's a crafter's dream!

This is what I was actually looking for:
 photo FFFCD047-542F-4E06-A388-BA5F0D1615A7-20010-00000D206E026B0C_zps3a513391.jpg

A light like this.  Unfortunately these ones were black, and I was hoping for brushed nickel.  I find that at our ReStore, because there's so much construction in our city, often you can find brand new items in boxes that were left over from condo developments, etc.

All of these get me excited for summer...
 photo 531EB213-17D4-4833-9DF6-F552F16ABAB0-20010-00000D20694B15E4_zps6299a321.jpg

I want to put those flameless tea lights under them in the garden!

Look at this little cupboard door
 photo 314FC649-2781-4428-9BC2-7D0D7DA0962D-20010-00000D2065069EFF_zpsc2f6007b.jpg

I would want to make him into something like this:

File cabinets anyone?!
 photo 95B31E71-08F8-41B8-91E1-09597015D157-20010-00000D2061856929_zpsd5de7f99.jpg
Look at all those fun colours!!

Definitely the place to pick up random tiles for cheap...
 photo 919F188C-1E30-4801-8065-4EA26A07330C-20010-00000D205DA0EB37_zpsadb588f0.jpg
I want to do some sort of tiling project for outdoors!

There's also all sorts of paint
 photo 9D977F6F-B946-46FE-91F6-113F776804E8-20010-00000D2056F0F4E6_zps396f9422.jpg
I find that my Home Depot doesn't have much for mis-tints, so this place would probably be a better bet for me!

They also have some furniture sometimes.  Check out these pieces screaming for a little love:
 photo F6C7AEFE-AE61-48BF-BC35-0028DF37CBB5-20010-00000D205218CCED_zpsff551a6a.jpg

 photo D2DD49AB-7709-43C1-86C7-76A21497C327-20010-00000D204E603C93_zpsb789bd96.jpg

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  1. Your ReStore is INFINITELY better than the Abbotsford one I went to. I was so disappointed when I went to ReSTore in Abby. This looks amazing!!!


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