Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sharpie Mugs

For Christmas I wanted to give the two girls in the accounting/admin department a little something because I really like them, and the three of us are the only females in the office.  I decided to make them custom monogram mugs filled with loose tea from Bulk Barn (quite possibly my favorite place on the planet!)

Now I know there are a lot of tutorials for this all over the internet.  I used this one: 

I decided to do each of their first initials.  I decided to make Gwen's Irish-esque and Monique's French-ish.

Here was my first attempt at Gwen's:
 photo D6894513-8E49-49BA-9B4D-DD6E1C0BF341-9572-000005360B07C380_zps464623ea.jpg

I really didn't like how it was turning out, so here's a trick you might not have known: rubbing alcohol takes permanent marker off of hard surfaces!

 photo D92B3727-963B-41C1-A3FE-01BD3541CC56-9572-000005360F263422_zpsd29f97e9.jpg

Here I just put some on a cotton ball and wiped off the whole design and started over again!

 photo B8CF301F-C795-4D6A-AB26-F41315957392-9572-0000053613BCFF68_zps48f8d873.jpg

Same thing happened with Monique's mug! lol  Another tip is that you can put rubbing alcohol on a q-tip and use it to clean up parts of your design!

 photo B31B8F83-B1B7-4782-BDEC-452BF1BC62B6-9572-00000536209E2817_zps77d84071.jpg

 photo 0FA822BB-1A89-412A-AC0C-3DB803F06C9D-9572-00000536265A7239_zps3e630e7c.jpg

 photo 6C7D2B09-789D-4850-817F-173FF696C6DF-9572-000005361ABE7EBC_zpsb3d3bedb.jpg

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