Monday, 4 March 2013

Staging a Loft - Part 6 Wrap Up

Thanks for joining me on the tour of my late dad's condo.  To recap everything:

Black & red table photo 45460D5C-46C8-4104-835C-492C6DB15079-3891-00000404D0884B26.jpg

Frames above couch photo 01F35D29-4620-4B41-A278-946EF353D25F-3891-0000040873BC8B9A.jpg

 photo bathroomcollage.jpg

Office overhead view photo 4F7C2EC0-EF1F-4E79-83E7-9C4002447516-5891-0000052E5D3EF623.jpg

Large DIY Headboard bed photo 2FE39553-EB0B-4A58-8209-D6E14D99BC36-3891-0000041491586F21.jpg

Now I bet you're wondering what has happened? Did it sell? What did I do with the cutlery art on the kitchen wall? What did I do with the furniture?
Red Cutlery Wall Art photo DA235EE7-CE05-4BEA-913E-6AB8469D740D-5891-0000052CA94CE528.jpg

Well, the condo was on the market only 6 days before we got a good offer!  Also, they wanted to take the place furnished AND with contents! So that means that the cute cutlery wall art will belong to the new home owners!

Everything happened very quickly and was a huge mixture of emotions.  It's nice that the condo is now dealt with, but the possession date was 4 days before the first anniversary of my dad's passing, which was kinda tough to deal with.

It's now been quite a while since all of that was dealt with, and as much as I wanted to hold onto the place, I have to remember that it was just a thing, and that the memories that were made there are really what I want to hold on to.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour!

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