Monday, 25 March 2013

Work Anniversary Cake

This year was my company's 4th anniversary.  It happens to fall on Valentines day, so the girls at the office decided to have a bit of a party/BBQ.

I can't turn down the opportunity to make desserts, so I offered to make a cake!

 photo 1010519B-4CC2-4C0F-88F7-0923AEBE5D5F-20010-00000D207BCF31D5_zps59ebf128.jpg

Since I pinned these cute little discs here, I wanted to make some.

I soon discovered that

1) I was too lazy to do the whole sugar disc thing
2) I really didn't want to buy food markers

For the cake, my original idea was to make a stencil of our logo, and then use those spray cans to "paint" it on fondant.  As I read more reviews about the sprays, the less I wanted to use them (apparently the black is extra terrible!)

I did however discover that you can 'paint' fondant with gel colors mixed with a little vodka.  This sounded like a good plan seeing as how
1) I have some gel colors
2) I will use gel colors again
3) Gel colors are cheap


So that's what I did.

As to solve my lazy problem...  I was searching for my piping bags, and what do I find?! White candy melts. "Hmmm" she things "these are about the right size and colour..."

 photo EF9ABBAD-2E5B-4710-A71B-9CB55E280C86-20010-00000D208D959CAB_zps7ee89cf4.jpg
I outlined them with a fine paint brush first...

 photo 10C465C7-D991-4E7F-9F84-792E819837B7-20010-00000D20919626C5_zpsa6c37a8e.jpg

 photo 522B68B3-4F2A-46F5-A9D3-4E4043AC040A-20010-00000D209601440E_zps92ab5651.jpg
Then I filled them in with colour

 photo 670E9EBC-4F24-45FF-AEFB-BB8A9F48BA30-20010-00000D20771E8075_zps5b1caa72.jpg
The ended up looking pretty good.

Each cupcake had a green liner (should have doubled them up so that they actually looked green!), white buttercream pipped on with a large tip, one candy disc with logo, and a sprinkle of course sugar (BULK BARN!!) for some sparkle!

 photo F28AB463-39D3-455C-9909-B295BE92D682-20010-00000D20C695C4D6_zpse5203078.jpg

The cake I just painted with gel colours in a similar fashion!  I did have a printed copy of what I wanted to put on it, and traced it out with a toothpick first.  Luckily my company has a really easy logo!

 photo 45A2A8D5-0966-4F91-A3C7-5FE173CCB774-20010-00000D2072FE31A5_zps554a1a24.jpg

Painting with gel colours was fun and SUPER easy.  I would most definitely do it again, and recommend it to anyone looking for a new way to get an image on a cake!


  1. Looks awesome! And thank goodness for that easy logo! Way to go!

  2. Awesome! I am sure your co-workers were impressed!


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