Friday, 19 April 2013

Crochet FAIL!!

When I saw this little cat house on Pinterest and found out it was made of t-shirt yarn I thought I'd try making one for Amy's cats. 

Soooo cute, right? (source)

Here's mine:

cat house fail photo 1BD6CAC9-4B3E-403A-BD36-D4B6F7DA784E-29345-0000173B2B2E0F4D.jpg

Looks identical right?

cat house fail photo 5C7DEE33-A4DB-4B53-9111-521BD766B088-29345-0000173B3EF4EA4E.jpg


cat house fail photo 62173034-BE77-4DCA-9F41-3971AA158DEC-29345-0000173B45DECCD7.jpg

LOL.  So much for that! I did need to get rid of the tee-shirts, but I can think of much less labor intensive ways to get rid of a ton of volunteer shirts!

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  1. Hahaha, my cats would still try and climb in.
    You should submit this to


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