Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Roast Beef Hash

So this recipe was inspired by one on PaleOMG.com (surprise surprise) but apparently I can't find which one it was that I started with, so you're just going to get my version of "what I had in the fridge thrown together to create something to eat for dinner and if I title the post Roast Beef Hash it sounds more intentional" SO here we go.

What you need:
1/2    yellow onion, diced
4-5    fresh mushrooms, sliced
1       bell pepper, diced (I used a combination of red, yellow & green, and used a little jarred roasted red pepper too)

Leftover roast beef, chopped
3-4    eggs
1       avocado, chopped
salt & pepper to taste

Heat up a couple lugs (okay, so I've been using Jamie Oliver cook books too much) of olive oil in your pan, and cook onions until soft.

 photo B4643C2E-B38D-4A01-A7A1-9F26CA4AF4D3-6432-0000050255B8ADA7_zps79b5ca3c.jpg

Add mushrooms, and cook until mushrooms reduce in size.

 photo 86EB234B-85A6-4BD0-B9EC-8D79A2EF22C3-6432-00000502523B77FC_zps50763127.jpg

Toss in your peppers and leftover roast beef.  These you want to cook just long enough for your beef to warm up, but not so long that your peppers get mushy (if you're really worried about that, toss in the beef first, and then the peppers a while later)

 photo 38203403-F42A-4EDA-868A-09F8D90E1FF6-6432-000005024EE98054_zps2cc9c5e9.jpg

 photo 7E7C34B5-FE4E-4F1E-B935-BF75041FF36F-6432-000005024A575655_zps15c64213.jpg

Add your avocado into the mix.

 photo 9274BFB9-35A6-412E-9F18-C208CB616C82-6432-0000050237242556_zps7aadce69.jpg

Now because I wanted "piece of egg" and not just "egg coated meat and veggies" I moved most of the stuff in the pan to one side, and poured in my eggs on the other.  Add salt and pepper.  Scramble your eggs as they cook. 

 photo 507D7664-F59B-4F41-876A-DAA5F182D238-6432-00000502335B6D06_zps3cd2d105.jpg

 photo 7E17C6A3-AED6-4D08-B202-3B18BCA8B4E8-6432-000005022F44BFEC_zps2527dc3f.jpg

When the eggs are cooked, mix together with everything else!

 photo 5C529293-5E82-4D7F-B8FB-BCF906C9D2D9-6432-000005022B14651B_zps83df9370.jpg

Alright, so maybe not the prettiest thing to look at, but you know what would fix that? Cheese.  I actually had intended to throw some on here, and forgot. 

 photo F0B49359-FF3C-4E05-B55B-FFACBA64BEF7-6432-0000050227A14593_zpsdc0278d3.jpg

I really like stuff like this because you don't dirty many dishes, it's quick, easy and the full meal deal and you can throw in whatever you happen to have in the house!


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  1. Thank you for stopping by. I usually can my own cheakpeas by soaking them in water on overnight:)

    The Beef hush good! I am your new follower via GF. Have a great day!


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