Sunday, 28 April 2013

Thank You Cards {Part 1}

Lately it seems like I haven't had much time for scrapbooking, and I haven't really been taking pictures to scrapbook with - it's a bit "chicken & the egg" scenario.  Either way, it's resulted in me making a lot of Thank You cards!

The great thing about making these cards is that I get to use up a lot of scraps I have kicking around!  The last weekend I got into a scrapbooking kick I made 21 cards! 

Now you might be asking what one does with 21 Thank You cards. When my dad was sick and in the intensive care unit, both the staff members and my family and friends were really great.  When you have a family member in the hospital, it consumes a lot of your time, and a lot of people help you out, and deserve to be thanked. I intend to leave a bunch of these cards in the family room at the hospital my dad was at so that anyone who needs one is welcome to it. 

Now, as not to overwhelm you with 21 cards at once, I've split it up into a couple posts!
All the cards today use one of my Thank You sentiment stamps which I think came from the $1.50 bin at Michael's.

 photo 4C3A0C55-0CC1-4D97-9BAE-686D134D2327-14649-000009C4432C0F39_zps3b76ff4d.jpg
This first one, the card base was a leftover scrap, the "T" was from some monogram paper, and I thought the little crown was a cute touch!

 photo B9378D9E-C463-4DAB-96BA-BE5868C905F9-14649-000009C434B8BE43_zpsd353f80d.jpg
This one was a really great way to use up some random stickers I've had forever!  The two circles are popped up, and the tone-on-tone stamping turned out better than I expected!

 photo 3C7C3BA4-2A3B-48F8-BF03-004D6EBF4726-14649-000009C471626FA1_zps69ee6b11.jpg
This card again was just leftover bits and pieces too.  LOVE the colors!

 photo DB0DF2D8-6BDA-4942-96C5-848D3F8D3B71-14649-000009C4C6BE4D26_zpscfb8e27b.jpg
Okay, yes, this card is very girly.  But because these are not all for me, you never know what catches other people's eyes!

 photo 6C48D08F-0CC8-4D5B-AC8C-3BB1C8976664-14649-000009C4F24ACB86_zps43256133.jpg

These last two are definitely my favorite.  I thought I was pretty clever for cutting up one piece of paper to make a super adorable card (super easy too! Cut, ink, adhere! BAM!)

 photo 17E50638-CC7D-4D83-8628-5B19642E67F9-14649-000009C52E5994D3_zps8fa36a5f.jpg

Stay tuned for part 2!


  1. Those are awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Cute cards! I love the ones you cut and divided. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I'll be back :)

  3. These cards are beautiful.. I've never tried scrap-booking.. tempted now after bumping into your blog :)


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