Friday, 10 May 2013

Thank You Cards {Part 3}

Here's the last installment of my card making obsession.  If you missed any of these cards, check out {Part 1} or {Part 2}

These first three cards were pin-spired from this one.  Hers is a sympathy card and was so fantastic I had to try to re-create it.  And then I liked it so much I did it in other colors! The reason the color of the stamp doesn't change is because I stamped on vellum and when I do that, I hate when it smears or rubs off, so I used Staz-on ink (and I only have one ink pad of that!)

 photo 4ACCC81C-4A43-4043-A902-CE648C274B1E-14649-000009C4FE5EA6B2_zps469b68a4.jpg

 photo 4F8C269C-6126-4ED3-9FE8-6C585C8869C2-14649-000009C50B2B8F98_zpsecfc8d74.jpg

 photo C9F6DF0F-4533-4D20-A82C-4CD20CA2E7AF-14649-000009C51E3D6099_zpseb88a712.jpg

 photo 3E0332D3-BB56-41CE-9303-2F17BC3A8658-14649-000009C53FF369D5_zps0b4910f5.jpg
This one was fun because I got a square envelope from Amy so I could make a square card to fit in it.  I used only half of the stamp that has "thanks" written on it a bunch of times.

 photo A8A02180-B1DD-4661-B38F-E6C4B029BAE7-14649-000009C54A2E32A4_zps23be4f5f.jpg 
This one was a stash-buster with the sticker (this one is probably under a year old though!)

 photo 95FDED84-7366-4430-9D47-97097556342E-14649-000009C560A51E89_zps9e9d3d52.jpg 
I felt clever using the "with all my heart" on here because it's the type of thing I would NEVER use otherwise! :)

 photo 82C1175D-74AA-4656-9FA1-EAAAD4C51172-14649-000009C56A2413FD_zps187f7e83.jpg 
This card was fun because of the unlikely color combination! It was a good scrap-buster too!

 photo E5A61DBD-0AB2-4F6B-A51A-2D92231AC99C-14649-000009C57D040860_zps845c84eb.jpg
Lastly, I leave you with this card.  This one was to use up some old rub-ons that were bits and pieces from different sets.

Thanks for checking out all of my cards! I had fun making them! 

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  1. I really like the circle one with the lace - it's so pretty!


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