Tuesday, 14 May 2013

$5 of Decorating Fun

Once every year I get to remind my boss how "old" he is (old in quotation marks because he's only 4 years older than I am, and neither of us are actually old) I like to do this by decorating his cubicle for his birthday. 

This year I spent a total of $5 at the dollar store, and produced fairly good results - and that included a card!

This banner was left over from last year...but you can't go wrong with one of these!
 photo 672E4B1F-EAC3-4D86-96A3-A642D9B04C6F-8621-000004D32AE61A81.jpg

I decided against the Disney Princess theme and went with something slightly less emasculating and less obnoxious - hockey theme!

I found a package of Canadian hockey team napkins - perfect!
 photo 3836E3D2-0913-4710-B090-BF22911C39CA-8621-000004D31F51BA8B.jpg

 photo 37A59B2B-D64D-45AE-A4F0-B2A319442E3E-8621-000004D326C836B6.jpg

I also picked up some streamers, balloons and tissue paper!  Streamers and balloons are pretty obvious as to what to do with them, but the tissue paper I took one sheet at a time and grabbed it by the middle and stuck it in random crevices...like between his monitors.
 photo 0AE50DA2-B726-4506-AE43-1EB1AC8EB2DE-8621-000004D3231719F1.jpg

So for not very much money, I was able to decorate the cubicle and still have plenty left over! 

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