Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Sweet Potato Chips and Guac

The other night I was hungry while making dinner.  I was making chilli.  It still needed to simmer an hour. I wasn't going to make it that long!
What I did have ready to eat was an avocado (my love of avocados is HUGE!) and sweet potatoes.  I thought that this could be a winning combination.
 photo AF8CF662-8904-4A45-A0CA-1F57653A28A1-15502-00000AB03C8E6AFF_zps05b3ed58.jpg
And how!
Using my sister's blog post on making microwave potato chips, I did the same thing with sweet potatoes.  I found they needed to cook a bit longer than what she recommends.  I don't know if this is due to different microwave powers or due to sweet potato vs. regular potato (potato, patahto, right?!)
Anyway, this was a nice quick solution to my rumbly tummy!
 photo 54A41DFE-48DB-4FDC-8045-3810740911BF-15502-00000AB0477FCB9D_zps525d13d8.jpg
As for the guacamole I really phoned this one it.  We're talking mash some avocado, add some lemon juice and salt and pepper (did I mention I was hungry?)  I think we all know that guacamole is really just an "adult" way to eat mass amounts of avocado "legitimately" right?!  If you have a favorite recipe for guac, go for it.  :)
 photo 339A521C-72C8-4CAE-BDA2-0BC7FF57EA34-15502-00000AB04337B685_zpsf46cd5e9.jpg

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  1. These look really good! I'll have to try them sometime


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