Monday, 3 June 2013

Office Re-decorating

If you've been around here for a while, you'd remember when I first got my new job I wanted to spruce up my cubicle a bit.

I was decorating with yellow and gray and this was my inspiration:

I had a couple posts of my cube before and then about some of the things I'd made for it here and here. 

I now present to you the new look for my cubicle.

These coasters were from tiles I'd bought at ReStore.  Except this isn't the color the tiles originally were.  They were white with grey specs.  I spray painted them and then stamped them with Staz On ink! 

 photo coastercollage_zps0b2fdf9b.jpg

Now another problem I had was that I have a lot of coil bound books (Canadian Electrical Code, and training manuals, cuz I'm cool like that!) that just don't stand nicely on a shelf.  I bought some plain magazine holders, and guess what - spray painted those too! Then I hot-glued a little scrapbooking label thing to the front!

 photo magazineholders_zps23309009.jpg

Here's some other details that I have kicking around - magnetic spice jars for paper clips, rubber bands, etc.  magnetic Martha Stewart notepad, reed diffuser, and vase with artificial flowers for a pop of color.  The vase filler is just coffee beans.  I got them from my dad's condo after he passed away because by that time I figured they were pretty old, and so bam! perfect for vase filler!

 photo Detailscollage_zpsf738fe33.jpg

I really like my little homey touches to my office and I hope you do too!

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