Monday, 12 August 2013

Custom Spice Jars Make You The Envy of All Your Friends!

One day while getting my hair cut my hair dresser and I were discussing our mutual love of Bulk Barn and she was telling me that she tossed her mis-matched spice jars, bought all new ones from the dollar store and filled them with cheap bulk spices, saving a fortune, and ending up with cute matching spice jars.  Clever girl.  So naturally when I moved out on my own and needed ALL new spices, I did the same....but craftier!

 photo bb98d90b-3a13-49ec-a42f-b9bf359e3ab2_zpse374e2ce.jpg

Step 1: Go to the dollarstore and find your GLASS spice jars... also, set up little backgrounds using other dollarstore items to take nicer looking pictures and get weird looks from people passing by....

 photo null_zps6416332b.jpg
I liked these, but they didn't have "shaker lids"

 photo null_zpsfe4a9050.jpg
These were super cheap at 3/$1 but I was worried the white lids would get dirty really quick - like curried and gross.

 photo null_zpsf3dd3d38.jpg
I ended up going with these because they had 3 different hole sizes and looked pretty snazzy!

Step 2: Buy 20 of them.  Find out that the guy at the till has trouble multiplying 4x5 to get 20 and counts them all one by one.  (clearly the education system has failed somewhere...)
 photo null_zpsdbae7f4b.jpg

Step 3: I washed them.  And the realized I would need to wash them again after etching... so this step is really not necessary.
 photo null_zps76d74c8e.jpg

Step 4: Figure out what spices you want and create your Silhouette file(s).
 photo null_zpsefcfca98.jpg

Step 5: Cut out your vinyl labels & attach to jars.
 photo null_zpsf6e3ac7f.jpg

Step 6: Apply etching cream according to directions.

Step 7: Remove etching cream and labels. Wash the spice jars...again.

Step 8: Buy said spices at Bulk Barn (or wherever you like really)
 photo null_zpsa5c46afa.jpg

Step 9: Fill spice jars and take many many photos with poor lighting!
 photo null_zps011901c1.jpg

 photo null_zps564b071d.jpg

 photo null_zps7f75d05f.jpg

 photo null_zps6606574b.jpg

Step 10: Finally put spice jars away in their home.
 photo null_zps18995aab.jpg

Oh yeah, and Step 11: do a happy dance because you spent:
$25 spice jars
~$20 on spices!


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  1. I like that you also utilize the second tier of spices on a tray method of organization!

  2. These came out beautiful, they look much more high-end than something you got from the dollar store. I'm inspired to do this but on the glass containers I use for flour and sugar.

  3. So simple and creative. What a great tutorial! The gang over at My Personal Accent, would like to invite you to link-up this fantastic post at our new Blog Strut Peacock Style Link Party. Share as many of your creative ideas, recipes, and any other family friendly content as you like. We will be pinning every submission we receive. If you have a giveaway or contest you’d like to promote, feel free to post it on our giveaway page. Come on over and show us what you’ve got!

  4. I love this solution. The spice jars are so cute and uniform. I need to do this for all of my spices and baking stuff. I have a spice rack but the lids are falling apart and this seems like a great solution. Love it.



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