Saturday, 3 August 2013

Toolbox Rescue!

When my dad passed away I kept a fair bit of his stuff that was either overly sentimental or useful.  Falling into the latter category was his tool box.

It however did not meet my standards for aesthetics - especially if I was going to move it to my new condo!  I had to give it a bit of a makeover!

 photo 06e8e230-3758-4d6f-bafa-65228e3d1cc5_zps7d8ed8db.jpg

To show you where I started, let's take a look at the original, shall we?

 photo IMG_1272_zps3e9453ea.jpg

 photo IMG_1276_zps6bde464c.jpg

Not so pretty.  Very orange, very stickered!

 photo IMG_1277_zpscf502a83.jpg

This was my childhood contribution I'm pretty sure!  Hahahaha.


When I started, I just started peeling them off.  This wasn't the best idea because they left the glue behind and I spent a lot of time goo-gone-ing them.

When I got to the really stubborn ones, I googled some solutions.  What worked for me was to heat them up with a hair dryer.  They came off really easily, glue and all.  I wished I would have done that with all of them from the beginning.

 photo null_zps5d73d7e6.jpg

Starting to look better already!!


All I did was give it a good wash/wipe down with soap and water and tape off the hardware.

 photo null_zps02a201ae.jpg


I gave it about 2-3 coats of spray paint.  I think this is what I used (is it terrible I can't remember?!)

 photo null_zps7bfad229.jpg

 photo null_zpsdde37bea.jpg

I also gave the inside tray a quick coat to make it all shiny and new too!

 photo null_zps7bfad229.jpg

And there you have it! All ready to use in my new place!!

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  1. WOW! It's unrecognizable! So gorgeous - way to go girl.

  2. I just love this! It came out so cute. I think if I did something like this it might actually encourage me to organize my tools better. I'm sure your dad is smiling down on you. I'm following you on bloglovin now too =)

  3. Now That's more like it! You truly did rescue that box. I LOVE the color!!

  4. Wow-what a transformation! The before cracks me up with all the stickers. Especially that puffy one-I stuck those all over when I was a kid and my kids continued the tradition in our house. I have an old toolbox that I thought was pretty much a goner but you've inspired me. I think I'll give it a makeover. I wish it was an older one with a metal tray but the plastic tray will do, I guess. I think it's from the mid 80s. Also, thanks for visiting my blog today!

  5. Thanks for inviting me over. Love your new kitchen. Can't wait to see what you do with your new condo.

  6. lol LOVE the stickers... I'm a sucker for nostalgia. :)

    super makeover on the toolbox!


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