Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Halloween FUN!

Last year at work the girls in the Finance/Admin department decided we should do a little work Halloween party & potluck!  There was a contest for best costume, and best decorated desk.  My competitive spirit was all down for this!

I'll start with my desk decorating:

halloween cubicle photo A6236249-8789-4285-A750-C0719F963368-29345-0000173BB08AB009.jpg

I was originally made some bloody handprint window clings out of white glue but didn't like they way they turned out, so I threw them out and ended up painting my hands with red acrylic paint and smearing them on my cubicle window (SO much fun, by the way!)

(attempt at glue window clings)

bloody handprints photo 8A1BA71B-F99D-4603-ADEE-A15C47A7BBEC-29345-0000173BBC0B19A3.jpg

I found caution tape at the dollarstore to put all over the exterior of my cube.

halloween cubicle photo A6236249-8789-4285-A750-C0719F963368-29345-0000173BB08AB009.jpg

Because my boss is not the type to participate, I expanded my decorating onto his cubicle too.  :)  I picked up this Styrofoam tomb stone at the dollarstore.  I had considered a chalk outline and toilet paper decorating for my boss's desk, but I didn't have time.  Maybe next year!

8DD7606D-EC1C-4776-B65F-92DB7E847FD0-29345-0000173BAAE1840D photo 8DD7606D-EC1C-4776-B65F-92DB7E847FD0-29345-0000173BAAE1840D.jpg

I made a stained bloody curtain out of what I had around the house.  I coffee stained a white piece of fabric, and then used my scrapbooking spray ink to add some "blood"

bloody curtain photo 72F9A310-B6CD-4FC1-AC61-8A1B2FC2A178-29345-0000173B82012094.jpg
(Curtain drying in the bath tub!)

I found some severed fingers and random eyeballs and brains at the dollarstore.  I floated some things in jars of colored water (Tip: neon food coloring made for great colors here!)

jars of creepy photo 666C1DE4-2CB8-45A3-BEB1-3656F9EF2B34-29345-0000173BC20BC10C.jpg

Some of them I drilled holes in and put on my Christmas lights

halloween lights photo 4BABF03C-F0FF-4721-B17A-1B2BE92123DA-29345-0000173B9F4F67FE.jpg

And then some were just placed around :)

severed fingers photo 50B6B4EC-5224-4E53-ABBD-98D9410B0ED1-29345-0000173BB64CC307.jpg

The potluck was extremely successful! People brought what they said they would, we had a good mix of things, and it was all so tasty!  Some people even got really into it!

Spider dip!

DDBBC82D-D9EF-457C-9BD4-562513E35AD5-29345-0000173BC99659CB photo DDBBC82D-D9EF-457C-9BD4-562513E35AD5-29345-0000173BC99659CB.jpg

Witch fingers

witch finger cookies photo 1428E4F2-87F8-46B9-9473-232613ABE119-29345-0000173BDE7A0251.jpg

Jello brain!!

jello brain photo 11FE3614-8741-438B-B548-EDB7718D4A5F-29345-0000173BD4CC7D5E.jpg

Thanks for checking out my Halloween hauntings, hope you got some fun ideas for decorating and food!

I can't wait to do my desk this year! 

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  1. The bloody handprints are creepily effective, and the jello brain is gross! Nicely done :)


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