Thursday, 3 October 2013

Volkswagon Cake

A friend of mine has what I would call a borderline unhealthy love of his Volkswagon Golf (GTI).  An insane love of his car.  You have to admit it's pretty cute. (Yup, he'd probably hate hearing his car being called cute, but too bad!)  If we go past the Volkswagon dealer in town, we have to drive through the lot.  I also know more than I should about this car, for how much I care about stuff like this (that the GTI is traditionally red, and any other color is an abomination, and the TDI is blue.... blah blah blah)

Anyway, for his birthday I made him a cake, because I'm cool like that.  

 photo 134cd338-bd35-45b5-87fb-97fd8c39771f_zpsa7a70c35.jpg

Yup, nice red cake with a sweet volkswagon logo.  

 photo 14D06EEB-E2C0-4AE8-BD0B-C312FDA469E8-1123-0000007D3A8CD214_zpsd690884f.jpg
Cake decorating 101, tip #1 - if you ever need red fondant, save yourself the hassle and just BUY red fondant.   I learned from my friend Megan that trying to color your fondant red will piss you off to no end and you may or may not throw a big lump of pink fondant at your wall.... 

Cake decorating 101, tip #2 - to get nice crisp logos if you're going to cut them out of fondant, print your design on paper, cut it out, and then trace it out with a blunt object on your rolled out fondant then proceed to cut out with a knife.  Don't try to freehand it if you don't have to. 

Cake decorating 101, tip #3 - put a little bit of vodka on the back of your fondant to get it to stick to the other fondant. 

 photo 355733E1-8434-4C8C-B984-777C98C73DDD-1123-0000007D4433428F_zpsf79e0698.jpg
On the inside - funfetti cake with vanilla buttercream.  YUM!!

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  1. Great job on your cake as well! The edges are so smooth. I still have problems with that when I am doing fondant covered cakes.

  2. Awesome! We are doing a similar cake for my soon to be 11 year old - he loves vintage Volkswagens


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