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Wear Your Wardrobe - Week 1 Recap

If you haven't been following what I started to do, check out this post about my Wear your Wardrobe challenge.   If you want to join up, follow me on instagram (@jbean86) and tag your photos #wearyourwardrobe

Things I have learned in the first week:

1) There's definitely items I favor more than others.  I tried to not wear all of them first so that in 2 weeks all I have left is "junk" and I quit the challenge 'cuz I hate it and throw out half my closet.  lol

2) I'm terrible at taking selfies.  They're always so blurry!!  One day I was almost late for work because I could barely get a decent picture!

3) Pinterest is a great resource when you have a piece you like but aren't sure how to wear it (check out Thursday's outfit below!)

4) It's really awkward for me to pretend to be a "fashion blogger" and talk about my clothes like I didn't buy them all off-season...on sale, 50% off!

Casual Monday office wear - Old Navy navy cardigan (2013), Smart Set sky blue basic tee (~2012), Smart Set skinny jeans (2011?), Smart Set multicolored scarf (2012 Christmas gift - I think this is the first time I've ever worn it!), Sketchers suede boots (2011)

All keepers.  Looking at this picture makes me realize I need new jeans.  These are good, but definitely getting worn - they're the current front runners.

Skirt day!
Smart Set black & white skirt (2012/2013), Smart Set black leggings (2011), Costco black camisole (2011), H&M mustard cardigan (2013), Smart Set necklace (2013), Aldo black boots (2012)

 Off to the Gym!
Lulu Lemon red all-sport bra (2012), Lulu Lemon Astro pants (2012) , Costco black tank (2011), Zumba-wear burnout black long sleeved tee (2013)

Hooray for awkward faces!
Smart Set jeans (repeat), Reitmans pink cowl neck tank with button accent (2013), Ricki's grey 3/4 sleeve chunky knit sweater (2011 Christmas gift), Old Navy grey wanna be cowboy boots (2011)
From this outfit, I'm tossing the sweater. I don't mind how it looks in the photo, but I just don't wear it! One for the clothing swap bag!
Alright here's my Pinterest "rip off outfit."  I bought this skirt from Ricki's on sale for about $10.  Awesome, I know, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to wear it!  So I searched pinterest for "purple pencil skirt" - score!!  I have another idea to wear this skirt coming up soon-ish.

Ricki's purple pencil skirt (2013), Ricki's tan cardigan (2012?), Smart Set green & teal scarf (2011), Payless nude pumps (all time favorite!  2012), and I'm wearing an old lady...but it's -5 degrees C today!

It's pretty much this exact look from 

 Thursday night I was teaching 2 classes!
1. Costco black tee, Zumba leggings, lulu lemon all-sport bra
2. Zumba instructor tank, Zumba leggings, lulu lemon all-sport bra (3. 2+Zumba long sleeved tee)

 photo EC64DAC3-CA9E-4E09-BD8E-70588BB088E3-22970-000010FD09F8EC4C_zps0b1b83c1.jpg
Smart Set sweater dress (2012), Target black jeggings (2013), Aldo black boots (2012)

Bonus Friday - Halloween Costume!  Details on this one later!! 
 photo 7372A586-AE01-4153-A5F1-FF2E4E7A0F76-22970-000010FC5BD73D79_zpsa079ee9b.jpg

Now this weekend I did NOTHING all weekend.  Saturday I was a bum, and Sunday was grocery shopping and cooking.  So I do intend to include weekends, but this weekend really wasn't photo-worthy (yoga pants and a tank top will not be blogged!)

So there you have it, week one of my "fashion adventure!"
 photo Wearyourwardrobeweek1_zpsda52e17c.jpg
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  1. You are inspiring. I have so much crud in my closet that I never wear. Plus all of it is depressingly black from a previous job. I'm going to have fun watching your experience and maybe I'll try it too! :)


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