Monday, 11 November 2013

Wear Your Wardrobe - Week 3 Recap

Another week, still clothes in my closet, but getting closer! I've started doing some laundry, but it's not going back in the closet yet.  If you've missed any of this so far, check out the details of 

The biggest revelation I had this week was that as I'm doing this, I'm starting to be more ruthless getting rid of my clothes.  Some stuff I'm looking at, not wanting to wear, and having no second thoughts about tossing it!  I'll take a picture of my "discard" pile when I'm all done!

I liked this outfit quite a bit. :) I realized I need more of a boot selection though.  It killed me to wear my black boots with navy tights!  
Old Navy cardigan, Ricki's skirt, scarf??, Aldo boots, and tights from Target (love shopping there for tights!)

I like all of these pieces alone, but wasn't a fan of it together.  I have a tough time wearing something over shirts like this red one that puff because I feel I just look really wide.  Anyway, keeping the red top because I like it. 
Red top...last year's clothing swap, Smart Set black sweater, Ricki's scarf (super pretty, doesn't really show in this picture!) 

H&M brown sweater, Smart Set long sleeved tee (I LOVE their long sleeved tees!), Smart Set jeans, Suzy Shier necklace? 

Old Navy long sleeved tee, Smart Set black sweater, Smart Set jeans, Ricki's scarf

H&M brown sweater, Joe fresh striped 3/4 length tee, Smart Set jeans, Sketchers boots, can't remember where the necklace came from! 

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Definitely nearing the end! Here's the week in review:

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